Our Music

The SARASOTA CLARINET TRIO has a wide and varied repertoire. Based in the Sarasota, Florida area, the trio has performed classical and religious wedding ceremony music at many Christian, Jewish, and inter/non-denominational ceremonies as well as many other styles at corporate receptions, wedding receptions, and private parties.

Repertoire listed with blue hyperlinks my be listened to as mp3 files.

Ceremonial Music

Bach: Jesu Joy of Man�s Desiring
Mendelssohn: Wedding March
Pachelbel: Canon
Wagner: Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin

Light Classical

Alford: Army of the Nile
Alford: Colonel Bogey
Bagley: National Emblem
Dinicu: Tempest Hora
Drapkin: The Yellow Rose of Mozart
Duble: Bravura
Fillmore: Lassus Bass Clarinet
Fucik: Entry of the Gladiators
Grafulla: Washington Greys
Khatchaturian: Sabre Dance
K.L. King: Barnum & Bailey�s Favorite
Nakagawa: Divertimento Number 3
Nakagawa: Good Night Sweet Sebastian
Nakagawa: Oh My Favorite!
Ravel: Piece en forme de Habanera
Sousa: El Capitan
Sousa: King Cotton
Sousa: The Fairest of the Fair
Traditional: Volga Boatmen
J.F. Wagner: Under the Double Eagle


Barber: Adagio for Strings
Berlioz: March to the Gallows from Symphonie Fantastique
Chopin: Military Polonaise
Holst: First Suite in Eb
   1. Chaconne
   2. Intermezzo
   3. March
Kodaly: Hary Janos Suite � Intermezzo
Mendelssohn: Italian Symphony Slow Movement
Mozart: Divertimento Number 1
   1. Allegro
   2. Minuet
   3. Adagio
   4. Minuet
   5. Rondo
Mozart: Divertimento Number 2
   1. Allegro
   2. Minuet
   3. Larghetto
   4. Minuet
   5. Rondo
Mozart: Divertimento Number 3
   1. Allegro
   2. Minuet
   3. Adagio
   4. Minuet
   5. Rondo
Mozart: Divertimento Number 4
   1. Allegro
   2. Larghetto
   3. Menuetto
   4. Adagio
   5. Allegretto
Mozart: Divertimento Number 5
   1. Adagio
   2. Menuetto
   3. Adagio
   4. Romanze
   5. Polonaise
Schubert: Octet in F � Allegro Vivace
Richard Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel
Vaughan Williams: Folk Song Suite
   1. March � Seventeen Come Sunday
   2. Intermezzo � My Bonnie Boy
   3. March � Folk Songs from Somerset


Gounod: The King of Thule
Mozart: Overture to The Abduction from the Seraglio
Mozart: Overture to The Magic Flute
Mozart: Overture to The Marriage of Figaro
Rossini: The Barber of Seville
   1. Overture
   2. Largo al Factotum
Johann Strauss: Die Fledermaus
   1. Overture
   2. Chacun a son gout
   3. Bruderlein
   4. Die Majestat ist amerkannt
Verdi: Opera Trios
   1. La Traviata: Parigi, o cara
   2. La Traviata: Un di felice, eterea
   3. Rigoletto: La donna e mobile
Wagner: Magic Fire Music


Dowland: All People that on Earth do Dwell
Dowland: Come Again
Dowland: Come Heavy Sleep
Dowland: Come When I Call
Dowland: Dr. Case's Pavane
Dowland: Fantasia
Dowland: Farewell
Dowland: Farewell Unkind
Dowland: Fine Knacks for Ladies
Dowland: Flowe my tears
Dowland: Kemp's Jig
Dowland: Lady Hunsdon's Alman
Dowland: Sir John Souch's Galliarde
Dowland: The Frog Galliard

The Sarasota Clarinet Trio performs concerts, lecture demonstrations, and private events of all kinds. Please contact us at [email protected] or call 512-590-2544 to book an event.